The 8 most irritating type of people on Facebook

The 8 most irritating type of people on Facebook


Facebook is the world’s leading social media website which is meant to be used to socialize the world, but some people have mistaken it & caused a headache to rest of users. Here are 8 types of people who irritate us the most. Some of this might be in your friendliest for sure 😀

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style="text-align: justify;">These type of people usually post incomplete one line statuses. E.g: “Why always me?” , “Enough this time..”. This people want to be the center of attraction. They want to increase their comments so they never tell the whole story.

Me: “You dumb ass you are not a celebrity that your fans are interested to know you story.”

1. The Attention Seeker

These people never post anything nor will comment or like other posts, but spying on other people’s updates is their daily routine. If you meet them midway & tell them you recently had a breakup, the expected embarrassing reply would be “Yeah, i read an update on your Ex’s wall”. ( Dude why don’t you try a job in detective agency)

2. The Chasers/Stalkers

These are the most idle group of people, I wish i had so much time like this people who keep on playing games & keep sending useless invitation to all mates in the friend list. Many a times the whole notification bar is filled with notifications like “XYZ bought a new farm” , “XYZ conquered a island”. No one damn cares about your game achievements, Dude go get a life.

3. The unpaid game promoters

It’s annoying to see your status copy pasted by one of your mate in your friend list. This is the dumbest thing when Facebook already has a share button for this purpose. (God be merciful)

4. The status stealers

“At the gym” “On a drive” “Having pizza” updating such status every now and then is the only daily chores they do. They should be let known that no one fucking cares about their daily chores. May be one day they’ll post “Got hard kicked on butt by a donkey”:D

5. The every hour posters

In every status update there will be a grammatical mistake, sometimes changing the whole meaning of it. E.g: “My friend plays every game, i must say he is a great playboy :D”. Punctuation does not exist in their vocabulary. I’m not talking about illiterates, but the degree holders.

6. The language rapist

Everyday is a earthquake for them, they will never ever post a positive update. For them their life is a tragedy. Most common one’s you’ll find on their wall is “Feeling sad” “I am so lonely” “Life sucks” “I wish it was my last day”. Not your’s last day on earth but definitely mine last day on Facebook:D

7. The Melo Dramatists

Sometimes when i open my Facebook account & check my news feed i feel like i am in a temple sitting in front of a pandit or in a mosque sitting in front of Imam. From their first post to the last these people only post spiritual/ or inspirational status & God’s preaching’s. we are not saints dude, spare us!

After reading this you’ll definitely find some of similar people in your friend list. Sooner *USER BLOCKED* message is expected:D

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8. The Mentors