Do you believe in Destiny or Hard work?

Do you believe in Destiny or Hard work?


“DESTINY” People say we get what is written in our destiny or what destiny wish to do. Do you really think its true…… A big ?

I would like to contradict over here according to me Destiny is what we create by our own self rather than dumping yourself in stereotype thinking. Having faith and believing on destiny is not bad but one should not blindly trust on it or should not allow it to take decision of your life.

“Life doesn’t gives too many options. One is to trust, to try, despite one’s reservations. The other is to never know what could have been”

dreamsSometimes for finding the sunlight, we need to go through the densest and darkest of the forests. At times we do seek sunshine. One should always know the difference between what they are getting and what they really deserve. At time it do happens we get stuck between too many things and we don’t find a way out of it and we all leave it on our destiny. This is really dumb i could say but we do…..just to check out where our destiny takes us,

It is said that neither good times are permanent nor bad times. So at the time when you leave all up to your destiny why don’t you do exactly according to your first thought that strikes first. Rather than allowing yourself to get stuck in social circumstances. Always go according to your first thought second always creates confusion and even get messed up. After all good things don’t come to those who blankly wait. They come to those who work their asses off and NEVER give up.

So Never give up on something you really want because its bit easy to wait but worse to regret. Don’t blend when you are missed with opportunity do according to what u feel and be best in that. Secondly Life isn’t what we are given its all how we create, what we Aim, what we achieve.

Its never too late to start from beginning. Each sunrise brings something new all you need to just notice it and believe it. Many a times it makes wonders to you and at the same time each sunset makes  you learn something if you notice it in a very keen way and if you do that it may take you to the pinnacle where everyone of us wish to go.

People say always follow your heart it will by default take you to your right decisions and yes its even true but at the same time you also need to use your mind.

someOnce in a while we live only for us. Its more important for us to listen to our own soul. Because decisions made by you really turns out worthy later or sooner but it do. There are no chances to regret over it because once it was exactly what you wanted. And if at the same time you follow their decision chances to regret over it are more as compared to yours. It do happens when you want  something people don’t support you but this doesn’t mean you should give up. Give your every ounce to it and see the magic it can make wonders to you

Do listen to what others say but don’t allow their words to be yours. Never ever give chance to others to rule on your own life. They are going to judge you no matter what you do what you achieve so better not to give shit to them.

desireExperience is far way better than education. So we should listen to others experience but at the same time we should not believe it because things get change with time. Be who you want because no one else knows better than you to yourself. Nothing is worth when you are not happy. Happiness is not what goes around you rather its all about what is happening inside you.

Never give up on your dreams. No one is going to fight for it until and unless you start. I believe that we are who we choose to be.

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