5 famous places around the world where you will most likely get...

5 famous places around the world where you will most likely get robbed


Don’t Go To These Places If You Don’t Want To Get Robbed

Traveling is definitely fun and most of us love to travel We love the adventure that comes with exploring of a new environment and places. We get to experience different cultures, delicious food, and foreign languages. The most important of all, we go to unknown where everything is new to us. Unfortunately, sometimes we also experience unfavorable situations such as crime that is a part of every country in the world. Some of the places are more dangerous than the others. Below, you can find 5 places around the world where you will most likely get robbed:

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Caracas might be one of the most dangerous places in the world. Political instability and demographic changes are the main reasons why there has been a lot of gang violence and crime. Even locals are ware of the fact and avoid going out alone at night. In terms of the criminal target, tourists often become a victims. Local robbers and thieves target tourists due to their lack of knowledge about the city. When you go to Caracas, make sure you don’t wonder around new places at night. They will tell that you are new to the area and will try to take advantage of you.

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1.  Caracas, Venezuela

Rio De Janeiro might be one of the most dangerous cities in the world and for a few good reasons. So called “favelas” or slums that line the streets of the city, are home to countless of criminals that try to take advantage of the tourists. Theft and robbery is one of the common risks of visiting this city.

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2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

Ciudad Juarez has been known as a city where mugging takes places very often. Although locals are super nice and friendly, they are also aware of the big problems that this city faces. If you are a tourists and are new to the city, you should extra careful. Local criminal groups often target newcomers to steal from them.

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3. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Barcelona is known as a Pickpocket Capital where there are professional theft groups established. It is said that they train little kids from early age in order to steal wallets, iPhones, and other small belongings. Robbery is one of the most common occurrences in this city, especially on Las Ramblas street.

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4. Barcelona, Spain

Prague has became one of the most popular cities in Europe in terms of tourism. The downside of it is that the crime in the city also went up. Prague has a lot of immigrants from Romania and other Eastern European countries who often engage in criminal activities. There are a lot off different scams going on in this city in order to take advantage of the tourist. Robbery is one of the common occurrences that are happening there.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic
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